Brand Identity / Web Design



Here to make work fun

A new kind of media company that puts creators first.


Here to make work fun

Workweek approached us with the belief that today’s business is influenced not just by newspaper articles but also individual content creators making TikToks, tweets, memes and newsletters. Together with their outstanding team, we gave Workweek an expression that is as playful, impactful and diverse as its creators.

People follow people, not institutions

Creators and culture
Workweek embraces the personalities and cultures of the internet and applies it as a language for connecting with audiences. Creators here are only elevated.

Workweek’s identity seamlessly scales to the personalities it represents

The playful, expressive funky logomark combined with its iconic yellow was designed to make a symbolic connection with the personalities that are part of Workweek without stripping away from the identity that it represents.
Custom iconography
A collection of culturally relevant icons were custom made to be used in conjunction with the type to create lively compositions.

All hail the yellow twitter background

When yellow means Workweek
As Workweek acquired various personalities people found their feeds full of twitter DPs with yellow backgrounds. Now, having a yellow background means being a Workweek creator.
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