It’s time to break up with your accountant. With WorkMade, every part of the tax filing process and managing finances as a freelancer are automated. Daybreak designed the entire end to end platform across web and mobile so that freelancers can focus on what they do best – their work.
A symphony of clarity and calm
Each design element within the WorkMade platform serves a purpose. Upon entering, the product introduces itself and intelligently adjusts its background based on the time of day.
Finance with ease, Daybreak designed a visual language and product architecture that made financial management not just easy but enjoyable.
By combining intentional usage of white space with a sun-inspired colour palette, WorkMade injects optimism and energy into the financial management process. Fluid movements with an opinionated information architecture makes navigation intuitive and seamless. Collectively, the design choices shift financial management from a chore to an engaging journey.
No more doing taxes. With intuitive interactions and relevant graphical representations, Daybreak designed the tax process to be a gentle breeze.
Within WorkMade you’ll find clever illustrations to represent marital status, quick swipe interactions to quickly finalize your write-offs and interactive environments that transform what once was a maze of complexity.
An intuitive journey to taxes
Each step of the tax filing process is supported by comprehensive navigation, intuitive form fields and focused states that keep freelancers on track.
Demystifying taxes
We introduced custom illustrative environments that provide users an intuitive understanding of the various parts of the tax process.
Spotlighting key moments
WorkMade features fluid animations that guide the user’s attention to rewarding findings – like write offs that are automatically identified using AI.
Minimal effort, maximum understanding – WorkMade was designed to filter noise by presenting what's most pertinent to freelancers exactly when they need it.
The WorkMade product architecture prioritizes relevancy and timeliness, ensuring that freelancers are not overwhelmed by extraneous data.
Balancing brevity with depth
WorkMade presents key information in a snapshot, ideal for quick checks. Explore further and you’ll find additional relevant details supported by clever metadata.
Simple Invoicing: A Freelancer's Dream
WorkMade enables freelancers to quickly generate professional invoices with minimal effort, embodying an intuitive design that understands and addresses a freelancer’s needs.
With a design philosophy that underlines a deep understanding of the freelancer's workflow, WorkMade was tailored for its users.
WorkMade stands as a testament to Daybreak's commitment to a product workflow that places the users before anyone else. Every facet of the platform has been meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges that freelancers face in their financial journey.
WorkMade is not just a powerful financial tool – it’s a smart companion that performs as a beacon of clarity in an otherwise complex financial world.
Crafted with the unique needs of freelancers at its core, Daybreak transformed what could have been a mundane tool into a dynamic companion. This platform redefines the essence of financial management, making it more than just about numbers and deadlines; it's an embodiment of support and simplicity, turning the mundane into the extraordinary.