Based in Toronto, Operating Globally.

Daybreak Studio combines technology with design to shape brand, web, and software experiences.

We believe in a world where technology isn't just a tool, but an extension of human potential. Our studio is at the forefront of this vision, transforming brands and digital experiences into something extraordinary.

A digital studio rooted in experimentation.

As a studio, we create experiences that translate across mediums by seamlessly blending between brand, web, and software. You’ll find us going from making a creative campaign to designing a mixed-reality game. From crafting a brand identity to shaping how autonomous vehicles navigate roads.

Transformative Brands
Opinionated Software
Immersive Digital Experiences

The ambitious companies we selectively work with become our long-term partners and collaborators. We build visions of the future by partnering with companies leveraging technology to create change at scale.

Jordi Hays
"From the beginning of Party Round, Daybreak helped us move fast and stand apart. They are in a class of their own”
CEO of Capital (Prev Party Round)
Shahed Khan
"Working with Daybreak is like having a cheat code"
Co-founder of Loom
Adam Ryan
"There is no Workweek without Daybreak. They're the partner you need when you go-to-market"
Co-founder of Workweek

We’re a collective of dreamers, storytellers, and visionaries who turn ideas into vessels for change

Meet the team


Daybreak is an independent design studio creating opinionated software and expressive brands.