Pager turns links and screenshots into artful profiles. In a bold reimagining of the link-sharing platform, Daybreak engineered a tool that fuels creative expression and internet discovery.
A tool for creative expression, personalization, and sharing your top online discoveries.
Over the course of a collaborative two-year journey, the product has undergone multiple transformative iterations. Born from regular co-design workshops and comprehensive reviews, Pager has evolved link sharing into creative expression.
Screenshots as a portal to the internet
Pager fulfills the same practice of a photograph in the digital world, except social and expressive. With Pager you’re able to instantly traverse through the experiences that others have in their digital world.
Pager was intentionally born through rapid prototyping and calculated user tests with the community.
As with any startup, you move as quickly as your learn. You build as quickly as you design. Working as an imbedded team, we shipped Pager and iterated closely as
Leveraging Origami Studio’s comprehensive prototyping tools
No prototyping tool can achieve the fidelity of Origami. Using logic and data patches, our user testing prototypes achieved a level of realism that made it distinguishable from a shipped product.
As Pager continually evolves to push the boundaries of browsing the internet, creators are empowered to express themselves through curated collections of their favourite finds.