2022 Winter


The technology holding company of the 2020’s.

A Venture and Media Flywheel for the Next Generation of Startups.

The parent company to Hyper and Product Hunt, Prologue brings together tech investments and leading media brands. We worked with Prologue to come up with its name, brand strategy, copywriting and an eloquent identity that scales to represent the diverse companies that are a part of it.

A sophisticated statement embracing the refined expression of print.

The dichotomy of two contrasting typefaces, Founders Grotesk and Nantes balances efficacy and ornate expression. Combining the visual language of print and the thoughtful composition of type found within it, the two typefaces work together to  capture Prologue’s unique narrative.

The symbolic logomark represents the inflection point of fundemental elements coming together to represent a combined, illustrious vision. It tells the story of what’s possible when companies come together to enable each other.

With two influential companies already a part of it, Prologue represents an opening to a new era of influence for the entrepreneurs and makers they serve.