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Party Round


For founders,
by founders

Party Round is an automated fundraising tool for founders.

Party Round

By founders,
for founders.

We partnered with Party Round to create an identity that redefines how startups raise capital. Bold punchy font, combined with a syndicate of high-energy colors, reflect the ethos of founders and investor engagement on this platform. Our friendship with Party Round has continued through collaborations on their drops and various creative endeavours over the years.

Raise like it’s 2052

Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Shrug, Seven Seven Six, Yuga Labs, and many others.
Party Round is aiming to lower the overall friction present in getting funding. Automating seed deals, creating rounds, settings terms and inviting investors to participate, Party round encompasses all aspects of the modern fundraising era.

Lively compositions,
and stunning backdrops bring Party Round’s features alive

Get hyped
UI elements are extracted around the brand to bring the anticipation and excitement that often comes with raising a round.
A Global Community
Party Round’s brand was built to stand on its own, but also easily become a supporting character to the vastly diverse startups that raise directly on its platform.
A multiverse of unique assets

Bringing the product alive in multiple dimensions

With a focus on movement and layered compositions, Party Round’s brand consists of bright 2D pixels, plush 3D UI, and realistic assets to translate the traditional fundraising experience into the digital world.
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