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Reinventing philanthropy

A platform that unites brands and consumers to power up the possibilities of everyday transactions.


Reinventing philanthropy

Inspired teams up with people and brands to leverage the collective power of consumers to fund social change. We worked with Inspired to create a brand and products that capture the impact potential of everyday actions and scales with their community.
The bold logomark represents the intentional and thoughtful reshaping of the world. It challenges the standard perception of change-making and makes a bold statement about the future.

Giving the material world a soul and power to the ordinary

Drawing from the visual language of everyday objects, Inspired introduces a world where our day to day activities hold endless potential.  Consumer products and ephemera come to life in Inspired’s unique approach to philanthropy through collective action.

Building an immersive introduction to the Inspired manifesto

Leading up to the launch, we worked with Inspired to build a platform to engage their community: the NFT co-creator site with a built-in Inspired studio experience.
Within the About section of the co-creator site is the Inspired studio: a lounge for community members to explore Inspired’s mission and action plan in anticipation of the launch. It invites users to experience their first interaction with the new material world.

Bringing the new material world to life

An opinionated site that inspires action
For the launch, we created an official site where shoppers and brands are onboarded to the process and perks of becoming an Inspired community member.
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