2019 - Current

Product Design / Visual Identity / Strategy

Within a decade of the creator economy being born there are now more than 50 million creators.

The next generation of founders and small businesses are creators that genuinely love to interact with the world with what they create. For the last couple years we've been working together with stacks on building the future of entertainment and community.


Stacks investors


Illustration for Stacks site


Stacks site

Together we experimented and created several products with various core hypotheses — each one providing us valuable learnings for the next big thing.




Our latest collaboration helps creators build a community around their powerful influence.

The current MVP release allows creators to directly engage with their fans by having conversations around topics and prompts


Camera features


Interact with viewers


Share to snapchat


Tap and hold anywhere on the screen to start recording. Move your finger vertically to control zoom levels. Each record is segmented so the user is easily able to remove the last session.


Creators with huge followings are able to directly interact with their fans by creating a prompt and sharing stories.


People are easily able to share the prompt or a response directly to snapchat for their friends to see.

As with all startups, the most important characteristics to have are velocity and continuous evolution. With Stacks we are rarely attached to our ideas — each ship is an opportunity to test our hypotheses and learn more about the space. So far we've built some incredible products, developed an in-depth knowledge of various verticals and this just the beginning.