Almost Fun


Brand Identity

Making learning culturally responsive and accessible to BIPOC and low-income students.

Almost Fun is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization based in New York making learning accessible.

Learning is often anxiety-inducing, stressful and expensive. Even when students want to learn, they find themselves asking how it relates to real life. Resources that are available to students aren't equally distributed or accessible.

We worked with Almost Fun to create a flexible brand identity that is grounded in cultural-responsiveness; with the belief that familiar and safe environments inspire learning for the real world.

A flexible
brand identity.

The Flower: Casual, Quirky, and Delightful

This part of the brand identity understands the various conflicts and distressing moments that students face during the learning process. Almost Fun shines a fun, positive light on learning by connecting with students on a personal level through relevant language and moments.

The Roots: Pragmatic, Confident, and Authentic

This part of the brand is a bit more serious to establish a sense of authenticity and trust — important qualities to express for a non-profit that takes its mission seriously.

Secondary logo


Being relatable,
quirky and fun.


Establishing trust and authenticity.

accessibility at
the forefront of
the brand.

Students study for long periods of time in front of a screen, so our team made sure that all type sizes and colors met the WCAG2.0 Level AAA conformance. We customized the paragraph text to maintain a high level of legiblity and readability for the lessons.

A range of bright and energetic colors were selected to add pops of delight throughout Almost Fun’s brand.